Before we begin, here is the actual AP Top 5…

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Penn St
  4. Georgia
  5. Washington

Now let’s look at the FTF Top 5.  Definitely debatable, but that’s what makes college football fun.  (Disclaimer) All questions and complaints go to @Riggin_Rick on Twitter…

1. Alabama –  Yes, obvious easy choice. Bama is the clear cut number 1.  Even after a close win against A&M at Kyle Field, Nick Saban is right. “We’re not going to beat everybody 66-3.”  Yeah the SEC might not be what it was 5 years ago, but then again, I think the conference is trending back up to the top. Which brings me to my #2.


2. Georgia – Talk about a complete turn around.  Well, they were never really bad under Mark Richt, but they never played defense like this under him either.  Kirby Smart has this team looking like a thorn in Bama’s side for years to come.


3. Washington –  Washington at #3??? What the hell kind of hack job ranking system is this?  The truth is, it seems like when you see a Washington score they’re winning by 40 (give or take).  That just smells like dominance.  Crazy good offense, good defense, and a really damn good Head Coach.  But wait…. They still got a date with USC down the road.


4. Clemson – Kelly Bryant has big shoes to fill being the guy that follows Deshaun Watson.  But he’s done a hell of a job so far and I might argue he’s actually a better runner.  I said runner, not QB…  Defense is strong, actually all around they’re good.  The question is, would they beat the top 3 teams in this ranking on a neutral field? (Debate), and go!


5. TCU – What the hell, not Penn State?!?  Have you seen TCU’s defense?  They shut down what most of thought was the one of the best offenses in CFB. (Oklahoma St).  Kenny Hill, Kenny Trill, whatever you want to call him, is playing on Baker Mayfield level.  I put them at 5 because I’m showing some love.  Plus their mascot is pretty damn cool.


So why did I not include Penn State?  I love what James Franklin has done at PSU.  My problem is I feel they rely on Saquon Barkley too much.  Ask yourself this, then fight me on Twitter later.  (Would they still be undefeated without Barkley?)  Yeah they play tough D, but the offense goes when Barkley goes.  No disrespect, college football is better when Penn State is relevant.  But it looks like Ohio State finally got it’s sh*t together, and these two are on a collision course….