The title is the question for this article… Well, this isn’t going to be much of an article, it’s really more of a question for you to comment on.  So what’s the deal with USA soccer, more specifically, the USMNT?  My thought is (money).  I feel that our talented players go to Europe where they pay huge money for soccer, and they develope players on a different level than we do.  My second thought is mindset and culture.  What I mean is, we know that we’re not going to win the World Cup, but we’re perfectly content on just making it to the World Cup.  (Example) – Indiana football knows it can’t win the National Title, but they’re perfectly happy with just 8 wins and a bowl game.  I’m not saying the USMNT is the IU Football of the world, but I feel like as a soccer fan, that’s where the mindset is.  So what needs to change as far as mindset/culture, and money/development?  Our current coaching and mix of old guys and young guys clearly isn’t working.  Feel free to leave a comment here, or tweet @Riggin_Rick or @Flipping_Field.