When we have weeks where no ranked teams play each other, crazy things happen… Or maybe it was just because it was the Friday the 13th weekend??

     This weekend we saw 4 of the Top 10 teams go down starting with Clemson and Washington State Friday night, followed by Auburn and Washington on Saturday.  The fun didnt stop there though.  It took OT for Michigan to finish off Indiana, and Texas had a late lead against Oklahoma, before Baker Mayfield put the Sooners on his shoulders to get the W in the final minutes.

     So here is the ever evolving Flipping The Field Top 5 Rankings.

1.  Alabama – No surprise.  “To be the man, you have to beat the man, WOO!” – Ric Flair…  And Arkansas really had no shot at doing that.  Only A&M has been close so far.

2.  Georgia – Just could be the man to beat the man but we won’t find out until the SEC Championship Game.

3.  TCU – The Big 12’s only hope the way I see it right now.  I know Oklahoma beat Ohio St at Ohio St, but man, the loss to Iowa St just looks really bad.  As long as the Big 12 doesn’t cannibalize itself, TCU will be in the Playoff.

4.  Penn St – I left them out last week, but not out of disrespect… I was just wrong.  If they can avoid a disappointing loss, or a late loss, or just avoid losing is what I mean, the Big 10 Champ definitely gets in.

5.  Ohio St – Yup, they’re on track to bust up the Playoff again with their proven formula of losing early.  How bad does the loss to Oklahoma look now?  They just need to keep doing what they’re doing like famously said by Charlie Murphy.  That OSU-PSU game is growing large.

Oh by the way.  There’s about a half a dozen 1 loss teams right now that can crash the party. Like I said, this ranking evolves weekly… Be sure to Subscribe, follow @Flipping_Field and @Riggin_Rick on Twitter.