We hear the same thing every year.  There’s always some big time program with a fan base ready to fire their Head Coach every week.  Last year it was Texas and Notre Dame.  Of course Texas actually did fire their guy and landed Tom Herman.  Brian Kelly has gotten dangerously close, but looks to have turned the Irish around.  But besides these two examples, there are big time programs that fall short of expectations, and the fan base starts screaming for 2 of the 3 guys on this list.  So with that, we’ll start this list of coaches that you will NOT see coaching your team. Let’s start with #3…..

3.  Bob Stoops –  He literally just retired.  And he left an elite program while he still has a lot of great coaching years left in the tank.  Only he and his family know the true reason on why he decided on an early retirement, but I would think that reason means he’s not coming to your school and rebuild it’s program.  I mean this guy left Baker Mayfield and a pretty good Sooners team that had a pretty good shot at returning to the Playoff.

2. Chip Kelly – He had a taste of the NFL, and I 100% believe that’s where he wants to be.  Unlike Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, no school will make Chip Kelly such a ridiculous offer like that… And, he absolutely hates recruiting.  He’s been perfectly content just being a “football consultant” for several teams. Less stressful that way.  He’s not going to want to rebuild your program, and also don’t think that Oregon offense from several years ago will work today.

1. Jon Gruden – Ahhh, the White Whale, the Gray Ghost. The guy everybody wants.  Just look at that picture. He’s perfectly happy by not coaching, right?  He’s making college head coach money just by calling Monday Night Football games.  Tennessee would have to pay him like 1 billion dollars and make him King of the Volunteer state.  If he was going to come back to coaching, it would’ve happen a long time ago.
But it’s fun to fantasize about these guys taking over your program. But that’s all it will be, a fantasy.
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